Sovereign Grace Sanctuary

Description: High bay sanctuary with cantilevered balcony adjacent to 2 story education space. The roof structure consists of 3” metal roof deck on rigid steel frames. Composite concrete and steel supports the second floor, and cantilevered steel bents carry the balcony. CMU walls form the stair towers and moment footings support the loads.


Project Pictures

  • sovereign-grace-sanctuary_religious_secondary_01
  • sovereign-grace-sanctuary_religious_secondary_02
  • sovereign-grace-sanctuary_religious_secondary_03
  • sovereign-grace-sanctuary_religious_secondary_04
  • sovereign-grace-sanctuary_religious_secondary_05
  • sovereign-grace-sanctuary_religious_secondary_06

Project Information

  • Title: Sovereign Grace Sanctuary
  • Architect: Narmour Wright
  • Contractor: Edifice Construction Company
  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Cost: $3.5 MM
  • Completion: 2015