Grace Baptist Church

Description: One story multipurpose sanctuary with narthex, nursery, and education space. The primary structure was a 125 ft long gable roof with a 10:12 pitch. The 63 ft, wood roof trusses were supported by steel beams, and cantilevered columns. Side building appendages were framed with wood trusses on light gage metal bearing walls. The 3 story Steeple tower was constructed of stepped-in steel frames.


Project Pictures

  • grace-baptist-church_religious_secondary_01
  • grace-baptist-church_religious_secondary_02
  • grace-baptist-church_religious_secondary_03
  • grace-baptist-church_religious_secondary_04
  • grace-baptist-church_religious_secondary_05

Project Information

  • Title: Grace Baptist Church
  • Architect: Narmour Wright
  • Contractor: Edifice Construction Company
  • Location: Weddington, NC
  • Cost: $2.4 MM
  • Completion: 2014